Lagging E-commerce Platforms

Platforms are sluggish in adopting new standards

Platforms lag. Brands are the real innovators! Pat yourself on the back... And now get back to work!

Platforms do make our lives easierĀ  - no question. Platforms with App environments let us extend the boundaries of the platform. Apps make our world more colorful and helpful.

It is the brands that go and try things that innovate and make the lives of our customers better. We do this in the name of creating optimal CX (customer experiences) workflows to put our brand ahead of our competitors.

But platforms are hesitant, and their own platform they have created encourages them to be. We have all heard about a new "coming soon" featureĀ  on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, then it takes forever for it to come out. Why does it take an eternity?

The larger the platform, and the more touch points they have with the outside world, the more careful they need to be releasing new features to not break things. Each client, each API touch point, becomes a set golden handcuffs to stay where they are.

This problem is inevitable.

So what are we to do? Our answer is to change the paradigm.

Flex breaks the cycle by providing building blocks, rather than opinionated systems hardwired opinions that don't fit all. And just like Legos, you can build anything you want. It might be the Taj Mahal in the Lego headquarters, or a new concept no one has seen before.

You could call Flex a platform, but it is really a Framework. All the boring parts are worked out and what is left is for you to create something unique for your brand!

We solve the change problem by being able to rolling changes out to individual brands, and letting most of the customizations live in the brand's sites themselves! Giving control back to you, the brand, to do things on your own timeline rather than on the platform's timeline restricted by every customer of theirs.

If you want to move your brand forward, controlling the stack top to bottom, hit the Start button below or start a conversation. We would be happy to help you figure out if Flex is right for your brand.

The state of e-commerce in 2024

Online shopping is up 18.62%. And rising.

The big boxes keep raising the bar. Small businesses must keep up.

The government imposed shutdowns are impacting those that can't do business seamlessly online.

This is the new normal. Shoppers buying patterns have changed. Do you have what it takes to stay ahead?


What is Flex?

  • Is Flex a custom store?

    No, but it can be modified to be what you need.

    You don't need custom, unless you are in 0.1% of our customers. (Trust us... We have been building custom, one-offs for the past decade.)

    While it isn't custom, it can be customized in any aspect, at any level - from colors to workflows, to dashboards, to loyalty programs. Have questions - just ask.

  • Can I customize the checkout?


  • Is this a headless e-commerce solution?

    It can be.

    We think that is the right solution for some, but not all businesses. But we can open the Flex API on your store and act as one without restrictions.

  • What are the long-term costs?

    Infrastructure and maintenance.

    Both combined are less than platform costs, in most cases.

  • How is it priced?

    At numbers that make sense to leave platforms.

    Fixed base package. Fixed add-on features. Project based design, customizations, and imports.

  • Do I have to run my store on your platform?

    Flex isn't a platform. You can run it anywhere.

    For the nerds, we are an e-commerce framework to build stores quickly that can be customized infinitely.

  • Is this a platform?


    We find platforms restrictive for customers desiring this tier of store. If you are coming to us you don't want artificial rules holding you back.

  • Do I have to pay for it all up front?


    But it is more cost effective. We offer pay over time options. You do have to pay for all custom design and development up front. You can get the source code after your payment plan is complete.

  • Can this store be shut down?

    We make resilient stores that can be live anywhere. We can set you up with a site that fails over to another cloud (infrastucture) so we can make it difficult for those that wish to cancel you.

    You won't get shut down buy us because you own it. If you do get taken down, we can get you back up quick!

  • Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, for non-profits. And for our development cohorts.

    We do these cohorts on occasion to improve sections of our codebase. You get a store with a discount and we get to improve our code! Contact us to find out more.

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