A Flex Store allows
you to sell smarter
and faster.

Flex is the e-commerce choice over SaaS platforms and open source. Do what the platforms can't or won't.


The state of e-commerce in 2024

Online shopping is up 18.62%. And rising.

The big boxes keep raising the bar. Small businesses need to keep up.

The government imposed shutdowns are impacting those that can't do business seamlessly online.

This is the new normal. Shoppers buying patterns have changed. Do you have what it takes to stay ahead?



Online First

Shoppers are going online first, even if they pick up or buy local.

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Platforms are lagging

Traditional e-commerce platforms have hit their limit. Where do you go next?

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Big Box Retailers

Amazon and Walmart make shopping convenient. How do you stack up?

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What you can do

The advantage of being mobile is the ability to out maneuver the giants. Your customer will reward you for better products, service, and ease of use. And that is where Flex can help.

Flex makes it easier to deliver cutting edge experiences fast.

The Flex Framework allows you to cater to your customer.

Flex allows you to have your own platform that you control, with less effort.

On your own platform, you never have to replatform. And you can sell to your customers the way they want to be sold to. Flex is basically a SaaS platform in a box, that can be customized, not just modified!

And you own it so there is no more waiting to add new features to out pace the competition.

Flex creates opportunities to sell smarter, like the big box marketplaces do, so you can get the right products in front of the right people.


How it works

  1. 01
    Discovery and Migration Plan

    What will change the game for you? How do we get all of your data in one place? This is the plan to sell more.

    What this looks like: A free consultation, then a bespoke planning sequence

  2. 02
    Build and Deploy

    Next is the build out, using Flex & customizing only where necessary. A basic, functional store can be deployed in a day.

    What this looks like: The dev teams builds, while you work with the design time to build the perfect site.

    Typical Timeframe: 2-12 weeks depending on what you want

  3. 03
    Sell and Grow

    Once you are live, get comfortable with the advantages. Then take it to the limits with one of our Pro Plans.

    What this looks like: Enjoy your new found freedom and change it when it makes your customer’s experience better.

Mobile phone checkout with Apple Pay

E-commerce should be flexible.
Can we agree on that?

The Flex advantage

Flex is a way to gain control of your store and give your customers the best experience possible without sacrifice.

Flex allows you to quickly put up a bespoke, custom e-commerce site and support the unique aspects of your business, without the custom price tag.

At the end of the day you can own your own store, run it anywhere, and receive lifetime updates.

We believe that flexibility is money in e-commerce to get a leg up over the competion, and you should only pay for what you need and use. Lifetime updates, while free, require a developer or a Pro Plan to apply the updates.

Who is behind the Flex Framework?

Flex is owned and maintained by Near Apogee, an e-commerce agency with a pedigree in startups, marketplaces, and enterprise applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this Custom Development?


    You don't need custom, unless you are in 0.1% of our customers. (Trust us... We have been building custom, one-offs for the past decade.)

  • Can I customize the checkout?


  • Is this a headless e-commerce solution?

    Not necessarily.

    We think that is the right solution for some, but not all businesses. However we can open the Flex API and deploy your headless application without restrictions.

  • What are the long-term costs?

    Infrastructure and maintenance.

    Both combined are less than SaaS platform costs, in most cases.

  • How is it priced?

    At numbers that make sense to leave platforms.

    Fixed base package. Fixed add-on features. Project based design, customizations, and imports.

  • Do I own my store?


    To modify and grow as you please.

  • Is this a platform?


    We find platforms restrictive for customers desiring this tier of store. If you are coming to us you don't want artificial rules holding you back.

  • Do I have to pay for it all up front?


    But it is more cost effective. We offer pay over time options. You do have to pay for all custom design and development up front. You can get the source code after your payment plan is complete.

  • Is this a highly available solution?

    We make resilient stores that can be live anywhere. We can set you up with a site that fails over to another instance or even another cloud (infrastucture).

  • Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, for non-profits.

    And for our development cohorts.
    We do these cohorts on occasion to improve sections of our codebase. You get a store with a discount and we get to improve our code! Contact us to find out more.

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